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Find the top Rust, Solidity, and Golang experts that match your company's vision.
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Get access to a diverse pool of +1000 Web3 talents ready to drive innovation.

With Jobited, you are not just hiring for today, you're building the future of your company.
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We prioritize cultural alignment, you're not just recruiting employees. You are adding passionate talent to your team.
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With a team assembled from the Web3 elite, you can innovate with confidence, knowing you are equipped for success.
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Jobited helps your company embody the essence of Web3 technology excellence.

Your Talent Search, Simplified

At Jobited, we've refined the talent search process to make it faster, more efficient, and more effective for our clients. Here's what you can expect when you partner with us:
1. Needs Assessment
Our process starts with an in-depth conversation to fully understand your unique hiring needs - the role requirements, team dynamics, company culture, and more. This allows us to develop a targeted search strategy tailored to your specific goals.
2. Proprietary Sourcing
Leveraging our expansive network and industry expertise, our team taps into specialized sourcing funnels to uncover top talent that may be difficult to find through traditional means. This gives you access to a caliber of candidates that other providers simply can't match.
3. Candidate Evaluation
Every potential candidate goes through our rigorous vetting and assessment process. We don't just review resumes - we conduct detailed interviews and reference checks to ensure we only present you with the most qualified individuals.
4. Personalized Shortlist
Based on our findings, we compile a customized shortlist of the top candidates that best fit your role and organization. For each person, you'll receive a comprehensive report detailing their background, skills, and fit.
5. Streamlined Hiring
With the hard work done, you can focus on the final selection process. We're here to provide any additional support you need, whether that's scheduling interviews, facilitating negotiations, or ensuring a smooth onboarding.


We occasionally organize networking events. Alongside our focus on precision in finding the ideal fit for your company, we curate events that enhance your recruitment experience. Stay tuned for opportunities to connect with talent and industry experts.


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About Us

We specialize in directly connecting you with the most exceptional candidates on the market, bypassing the complexities of traditional recruitment. Our seasoned team scours the market, identifying and engaging top-tier talent that matches your unique needs. By leveraging our extensive network and industry expertise, we accelerate your hiring process without any upfront costs.

Julius Breive
Luis Homann

Our Team

Jobited sprouted from academic roots, a duo united by shared vision. Our early success—17 placements in just 3 months. Now, we've grown strategically, welcoming seasoned recruiters who mirror our values. Despite our expansion, our core remains: delivering candidates who not only join but thrive long-term in their roles, reflecting our commitment to lasting placements.

Julian Ullrich
Head of BD
Lennart Schwert

Working with Jobited was an exceptional experience, especially valuable for us as founders in the early stages of our project. Finding the right balance of speed and trustworthiness in a collaborator is challenging, but Luis masterfully navigated this. He swiftly helped us identify a selection of top-notch developers. The interview process was organized immediately, leading to prompt and confident decision-making. What stands out is their commitment to client satisfaction, which is evidently more than just a mission statement – it's a genuine passion. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone, regardless of the stage of their project.

Yanyan Liang


Working with Julius and Luis has been an absolute pleasure. Their novel use of AI to help find us the perfect long-term builders of Virtual Labs is a genuine, non-buzzword utility of machine learning tech that lowers costs to their clients like us.

José Betancourt


Working with Luis and the team is a pleasure. They gathered a great crowd for the Blockchain Developers Berlin meetup consisting of developers, experts and people curious about entering the space. Lovely vibe and good organization.

Martin Eckardt

Senior Dev Rel

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